Innovation has the ability to work across product boundaries. Innovation has supplied solutions in a vast array of industries, including Automotive, Medical, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Telecom, Computer, Cosmetic, Ordnance and Recreation.
Innovation can apply robots to finishing, material handling, packaging, assembly, welding, dispensing and other
Innovation can provide integrated robotic systems using Kawasaki, Epson and other lines of robotic equipment.
Our customer had a requirement to automate the molding of power cord ends. In response to this need a new small single cavity molding process was developed that allowed for the molding and electrical testing of the cord to be done in the same process......

A pair of robots accomplished the automatic loading of the cord into the mold tooling, with each robot handling one end of the cord during the loading cycle. Unloading of the finished cords was accomplished using a pneumatic pick and place unit that then handed the finished cord to another robot. This robot then loaded the completed cord into either a reject cutoff device or into an automatic cord hanking operation.

Our customer is a major US supplier of petroleum, oil, and lubrication products as well as other chemicals. Innovation was tasked to produce a system to assemble grease gun couplers in several different configurations. A vision inspection operation was integrated into the operation to ensure quality of the assembled units.

This is a very sophisticated high-speed dedicated system that feeds, places, and threads together an extremely challenging assembly.

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