IInnovation can design, manufacture and integrate turnkey finishing systems. Our experience covers the full array of finishing processes including paint, powder coat, anodizing and handling operations as well as OEM washers, ovens, booths, paint kitchens, breathing air units, fire supression and material delivery and pumping systems. Consider Innovation as an excellent resource for your fininshing system needs.
Non-circulating high pressure liquid coating pumping system using HVLP pumps feeding electrostatic air assisted spray guns. All supply lines ½" stainless steel tubing with swedge lock fitting. Included are drum mixers with elevators, mixer controls, low pressure flushing pump and supply selection manifolds.
Five stage pretreatment washer installation. Unit manufactured in Europe is constructed of titanium composite material that significantly exceeds life expectancy of standard metallic washers including stainless steel and is highly resistant to mechanical damage of all types including 160° sulphuric acid etching solutions. Unit is expandable and reconfigurable and is assembled with US made pumps, heaters and controls package.
Recovery or spray to waste powder coating booth's in stainless steel. Can supply any industry standard including all major equipment bran names. Can provide alternative cartridge type booths for powder coating.
Turnkey liquid coating system including gas catalytic and convection ovens for dryoff and cure, two dry filter booths with blowers and controls, overhead chain conveyor, five stage washer and dry chemical fire suppression in the booths.
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