The Automation Projects shown here are a very small cross section of Innovation's Automation capabilities. These soloutions demonstrate Innovation's ability to provide single source solutions, our technical capabilities and our "Pride Of Profession".
Another customer had a requirement to automate the process of assembling a CRT beam bending device. The beam bending device consisted of a center sleeve onto which a series of magnetic phase adjusters and spacers were placed. Once these components were in place on the sleeve, a snap fit retainer was placed to hold the assembly together. Feeding of the phase adjusters was done using vertical magazines that feed a stripper plate that presented the phase adjusters to a pick and place unit. Alternate phase adjusters were.......

Another customer asked that the assembly of a meter base socket assembly be automated. The process included the vibratory feed of a number of challenging components. Many of the parts had to achieve final orientation for installation as part of the pick and place function. Some of the assembly motions were provided as functions of the dial assembly tooling nests.

Fastening of the components was done in a two stage process that included the dual blow feed and driving of studs to hold the meter clips together, followed by the installation of the plastic base insulator which was then secured by the dual feeding and driving of two 10-24 nuts.
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